Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Steelhead is...

Steelhead to me is Smithers. 

Steelhead are lists: firewood, two gatorades, subway, and a chocolate bar; Kilometer 23, 25, 38, 41; Monday Cullen Creek to Upper Ford, tuesday 41 to Wookie, wednesday the farm to woods. 

Steelhead is dreading cold lonely nights, and dark figures waist deep in cottonwoods, woods, ledges, By-Mac. 

Steelhead are tailing someone else’s 38’’ doe the day the fortune cookie told you would have a lucky and memorable day, it was. 

Steelhead is solitary

Steelhead are rushed self photographs. 

Steelhead is planning the destruction of a pack rat that stole your string leech in your sealed tent in the middle of the night. 

Steelhead are Hey Bear walks and bear tracks on every inch of mud, even the mud that clings to the car. 

Steelhead are logging trucks, steelhead are dead car batteries. 

Steelhead is being on the verge of tears about leaving the northwest a week before the trip is over. 

Steelhead is skipping the most important day of the year for your girlfriend in the sake of making a three week trip a month. 

Steelhead a month is still not enough. 

Steelhead is a wall tent, a raft, a 12 gauge and bear spray. 

Steelhead is the canadian tire auto database having your colorado cell number registered under someone else. 

Steelhead are cuts in your middle finger from holding running line, toes with permanent nerve damage. 

Steelhead are book tapes. 

Steelhead are crisp snap T’s, violent runs, lost sections of rods, 

Steelhead is an open denver at the BC eagle. 

Steelhead is being told to fish black and blue slow and deep and the very next day catching one fast and shallow on red and orange


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