Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I need a name for this fly

Hook clear HMH tube, Olive connector tube, hook of choice (Owner SSW size 4)
Head small sculpin helmet
Body barred olive zonker strip
Front fins  barred olive soft hackle tips, or olive hen back feathers
Gill Coloration red Ice Dub
Under body light olive uv ice dub spun in dubbing loop and palmered
Collar barred olive schlappen
Wing black holographic flashabou, barred olive soft hackle

I was tying some of the Headbanger Sculpin patterns with my buddy Jody when I began thinking about how to utilize these new sculpin helmets on a smaller fly. So I started googling sculpins to see what they anatomically looked like. The key features were the barred look, the flat wide heads with eyes looking upwards, flat bottom of body, distinctive front fins, and a body that tapered from front to back. I also wanted to make a tube fly. So I was inspired by the Sculpzilla, my Sexzilla, and the headbanger sculpin.  The fly is only 2-2.25 inches long. I took the fly out to Deckers and caught two fish on the swing in January! So it fishes. The pattern could also be tied an a shank or a stinging trailer, I prefer keeping the hook pointed up so you can ride on the bottom. note: eyes fall out if not secured by epoxy or superglue.

I need a good name for the fly. So far the two names that people have given me are Big Gulp Sculpin and S'GULP'N, both work But I'm all ears to new ideas. please don't steal this pattern and call it your own!!!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday's flies

 green and olive low water swinger
  Mini olive Sexzilla 
Winter Run black/blue/purple

Winter Run white

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

recent creations

Captain Glitter Pants (a rip off of Cap'n hook) and BH change up baetis (a cheap rip off of JUJU baetis)

 Inspired by Joe Nicklo's glitter midge, uv pearl jam, and Kingrey's Cap N Hook
(Joe I'm sure you are trying to figure out how this is similar to the glitter midge at all)
the newest version of this fly (not shown yet) has a more segmented look

new version
purple holo flash
red hook
purple glitter nail polish
black thread
stripped peacock herl
sally hansons
A mix of the newest version of the change up baetis and Craven's BH JUJU Baetis. Also influenced by the legend Shane Stalcup

Copper tungsten bead
Curved shank hook
brown olive microtubing
hen back tail
olive or chartruese thread
black thread
brown flourofiber wings/legs
different colored holo. flashabou for wing case
5 minute epoxy (i am not a supporter of clear cure goo, since my uv light doesn't work always, and the clear cure clouds and falls off. and epoxy at Ace hardware is so cheap).

Its easy to follow in the footsteps of great tiers like Craven and Kingrey. I think of all the patterns I have ever created only my mysis has been original, and even that wasn't that original.

(note: I have no problem with people taking others' patterns, tweaking them and renaming them, but if you do, give credit to your inspirations, and the original tiers. I have recently had multiple events in my fly fishing life feel like my intellectual property was being abused, one regarded one of my fly patterns, another has to do with secret spots I showed friends how to fish very productively and even after the "code of secrecy" talk, they have shared that information with no filter to everyone they know. The worst part is all of this happened by people I considered close friends. The saddest part is they probably don't know they did it. To those who understand this ethic in fly-fishing I think the most of you guys...Brent Boyd, Jody Kramer, Court, Tim Hall, Austin, Danny, Matt Miller, Wes, Ben, Shea Gunkel. You guys get it, and I want to fish with you all. If you are not listed and consider yourself a close fishing friend of mine,  prove me that I'm wrong and full of shit. I understand its exciting when you hook and land big fish, and you wanna share that experience, but if someone helped you think about them; if you found it on your own, think about what it would be like if everyone was fishing in the exact same spot as you with the same techniques and didn't have to pay their dues to figure it out...I would really like to share more of my tying and fishing pics, but I don't want to feel like I'm being walked on. That's enough of the rant. And for those of you who are productive be very careful how you share your lifetime of learned skills).

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lani Waller

To those in the Steelhead world Lani Waller is a legend. I honestly had never heard of him before a couple days ago. In a gradschool-application distraction I went to ASK ABOUT FLY FISHING Internet radio to see if there were any interesting showing I missed. Lani Waller's on Steelhead caught my interest, and by the end of the show I bought his book on kindle "A Steelheader's Way."

He captures my feeling and thoughts on steelheading better than I have been able to communicate to myself or even my friends. He also has some great tips for spey fisherman that don't have 40+ years of experience. It worth the read. I can barely put it down.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Good chance you wouldn't see this fish in the water if you didn't know what it was. It looks like a fluorescent banana, or trash. This fish wouldn't blend in on any river in the world...thats why it was a genetic experiment.