Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How a fly comes into existance part 4: Fremont Scud

Here is the spawn of Herman Degala and Mike Tucker's respective brain children. There is no doubt that the Mike Tucker Scud is the best scud pattern ever developed. The problem is his pattern was only carried by the Hook Fly Shop that no longer exists. Well there are internet tutorials on how to tie the Mike Tucker scud, shouldn't that do the trick? NO NO NO NO. Issue number one: the ostrich Mike uses with very long and thick barbules does not exist, and the weave never looks as good as his. Mike has been lost to the great state of Washington, so now what shall I fill my box with...Herman's Scud is too damn expensive, so I had to do my best to create one. It has all the key features from each of their flies.


Hook: TMC 2302
Beard: lemon wood duck fibers
Legs: 2 light olive ostrich herls, 1 dark grey ostrich herl, light olive ice dub picked out
Shell Back: 1/8'' olive scudback, light purple xs lagartun wire, epoxy
fire orange hot spot

This scud made its name on a spring day in Fremont Canyon. I hooked a very very large fish that tail walked and broke the hook right off off the fly. I was devastated and didn't talk on the entire drive back to Colorado. I had no other choice but to name it after the Canyon that kicked my butt.

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